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Quelf + Smarty Party

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A party game bundle you won't want to miss! Get these 2 hilarious games: Quelf is insanely fun and it's easy to play too. But the outcome of Quelf is anything but simple. As you move around the gameboard, crazy things start to happen. Players start talking weirdly. Your friend's face is wrapped in toilet paper. Your mom is talking like Dracula with her thumb on her forehead. You're sitting underneath the kitchen table until someone rolls a ""4"". And when the dust settles, the laughing finally stops and someone crawls away the winner, you realize you've never had this much fun playing a board game in your life! Party/trivia game centered around the idea of players collectively naming items on a list (e.g. "10 characters from The Lord of the Rings"). As players, in turn, miss an item, they acquire penalty points (forward movement on the game board). When a player reaches the end of the track, the person who advanced the least is the winner. We're bundling these 2 hit games at a 50% discount off Smarty Party! While stocks last!

Quelf + Smarty Party

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